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Excellent and dependable

I’m a Weather Spotter and this application provides information that not only assists me with spotting, but also helps me be fully aware of surrounding conditions for personal safety.

Like app so far...

Need weather map for future radar; hoping when unlocked will provide info I need.

Love this app

This is a great weather app. Lots of features available. With bad weather year round you can’t go wrong with a good app in ur corner.

Amazing weather app

I've tried quite a few weather apps and this is one of the best! Download it now and give it a try.

Honest assessment


Not completely accurate and expensive to get all components

The location service is miles off from my actual location, in fact, has me in wrong city. I cannot find a way to delete the incorrect location. The initial charge does not even include weather alerts. Interesting that has not been mentioned in other reviews. True radar is also separate charge. These are all generally included in one charge that is not so expensive.

Unique in several aspects

The main feature that I like a lot is that the map view is the default interface that shows all of your saved weather locations. This is especially good for traveling since you can see where you have been and where you are going weather wise!! Also, I like the swipe left, swipe right app control accessibility. I would like to see updates to the app in the following areas: weather fronts, a wildfire smoke & fire perimeter layer and iPhone X display support to start as there has not been an update for a year. All in all, it’s a great app with a well thought out design.

Very reliable!

I have been using this for years as my weather app and is still better than any other weather app available on the App Store!

Weather center

App crashes? Was great? No radar??!? Help Christopher and team ???!!?? Under bad weather!! Thanks 🙏 UPDATE 6-4-18 app is running perfect 👌 and I upgraded to black map and future radar $ gotta have faith ! Thanks Christopher and team👍👍👍👍👍🐺. Back up and thank you! In severe weather till Tuesday? Wicked stuff ! I feel safer now . Thanks Christopher and team!

Good app

Allow millibars in pressure readings alongwith degrees Fahrenheit.

Great weather alert app

Love this app! It is works great to alert when bad weather is headed your way. Very pleased.

Great app when it works

This has been my go to weather app for years. I have found that the forecasts are helpful and accurate. Radar for local weather is great. Recently, however, the app has been working only intermittently, especially with iOS 11.

Solid app

Works as advertised. Good info in a timely manner.

Reliable, easy to use, dependable

Been relying on NOAA weather for years. Accurate weather data bears heavily on my day to day life and this app has been a great choice.

Groweling bear

This is my go to app for current weather

Great app

I have been a class 2 weather spotter for the past 10 years and have not found a better app for me to have at my side

WX Center

Great application for weather.

Finally, logical sensibility

I use multiple weather apps and am continuously frustrated by everyone wanting to outdo each other with . . .stuff, for lack of a better word. The app is logical, concise, and intuitive. I only had one location that did not populate correctly. I will look forward to using this one regularly.

Great resource for planing out door adventures.

I find the info is more accurate than my local news programs. Great app.

Great App

Has everything I need to know what is coming my way.

Must have app!

Everything I need rain or shine! My goto app when planning my boating weekends on Coast Guard Auxiliary Patrols. Extended forecasts are very helpful.


I’ve got basically several weather apps etc and this app actually works during bad weather..end of story. Tom Rooer

Best weather app

Have had this app for years, works great when traveling. Only weather app needed!

Great reliable App

We here at my shop use this app all the time, it’s always up to date and very detailed. Keep up the great work. Thanks


Works, detailed, sufficient and continues to do and be. Second comment 12/7/17 Continuing usefulness 1/20/2018

Still having trouble

I have the advisories back but can't identify the different types am I missing something? Sent a review 2 weeks ago and still no reply back from you

Great app!

I have use this app for the last two or so years... it’s a great app it’s easy to use. I travel a lot and so I find that it’s really helpful to preplan my attire. The info is spot on...and has never let me down. I’ve also become pretty good with world geography as a result of using this app.

Nice app!!!

Like the layout and ease of use. Quick response on maps.

We Center

Love this app Has all the weather info I need and more The go to app for me for extended and detailed weather


I just purchased the online radio , I have tried 15 to 20 stations and they are all offline. Please Fix I really like this app so could you Please fix this problem Thanks

Great App

This is my go to app when I want to see what's happening outside. Great app.

Great App

This is my go to app for weather!! It has the best future weather and radar for current weather and storms

Lots of fun data but map doesn't work

I love seeing all the detailed information but the map doesn't show anything.

This is one worth having

There are a ton of weather apps, but all seem to miss the mark either by cost or features. NOAA Weather Center seems to be the sweet spot. It is fast, looks great and has a ton of information. Nice graphics, smooth radar, easy to use.


Love this app! Have friends and family all over the US and it's so easy and convenient to check on their weather and what's coming.

Awesome app

Wx Center have everything I need and more to have a turnkey weather utility to fulfill my expectations. Keep the good work.

Error alert

So I just got this app with the pending hurricane coming and I also got the add ons as well. However when I go to look at info in the app, every time it says error alert and shows me nothing. I expected better out of an app that has nothing but 5 stars. Make some improvement I may change my review.

Go-To weather App

I love the new version of this App! It has the best radar view of any weather app I have used. It allows me to preset various cities which is very helpful given the amount of traveling I do. I strongly recommend this weather App!!!

Been using it for years

We all have our preferences -- the info we care most/least about, how we'd prefer the data be displayed, etc.. Admittedly I usually require more than a single app to provide the depth and breadth of data I crave (I'm a professional pilot who would've been a Weather guy if it weren't for flying), but all things being equal, this is my go-to app. I can't & won't tell you what's best for you, but I will say I love this app, and I do so without hesitation. More often than not it provides everything I need to know at any given time.

Use this App every day! Great resource!

I work in Construction and travel a few times a year. This is the most reliable app I have found for up to the minute info.


Great for location and up to the minute. Recowboy and device token.

Great app!!

This weather app has keep me dry more than I would like to admit. It's been a wet summer but thanks to this app I can maneuver around town and miss the rain. Thanks for a great service.

A Weather Center in the palm of your hand!

NOAA Weather Center app offers complete information of your local weather across the country. You can select specific weather map overlays (radar, wind, humidity, and many more) to customize the weather information you specifically need. The Watches and Warnings tab allows you to select locations near and far to have push alerts sent. NOAA Weather Center (Wx Center) has been my #1 app for many years. With its recent upgrades it will remain the app I go to for weather on the go or for thorough investigation.


Love this weather app!!! It is accurate and very user friendly!

Finally a weather that is dependable

I really like this app. It has all the information I want / need. The maps seem the most accurate when tracking storms in my area. Also, it has a ton of information that is area specific, just click on the icon on the map and get all the info pertaining to that area! Good stuff. I have not used or setup the alerts yet so I cannot comment on them as of yet. The only complaint I do have is that the weather radio does not work for the stations nearest to me, however they do work for the ones 100 miles out. I highly recommend this app to everyone.

Great app

Can pinpoint your location. Great app. So nice to have this great app back again. Better than ever.

Great update

So glad to see an update to my favorite weather app. I was concerned that it was abandoned since it had been so long since there was an update but the new version must have been in the works for a while because it appears to be a complete rewrite along with some new enhancements Now I can delete all of the other weather apps I have been trying out to replace WX Center now that it is back!

Best wax of those I use.

So happy you fixed the app. Important to me. Thank you

Nice App!

More reliable than the local television weather stations; nice update as well!

Woo hoo!

You got the bugs worked out! So far so good! This has always been our go to weather app. Glad it's fixed and updated! Good job!

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