NOAA Weather Center App Reviews

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App crashes

I downloaded after paying the $2 for it and it crashes when I try to use it on my phone. Reinstalled, and the same thing. It crashes when I try to change the map options. Also,it is not finding my location correctly, while other weather apps work just fine. It has my location some 45 miles from here! I just wasted $2 on this one!

Overlays Ceased to Work

The overlays have not worked for a long time. I really miss the moving temperature overlay and havent yet found it on another app. Thats too bad as this used to be the best and most comprehensive weather tool on my dashboard. Requests for help go unanswered. I see this app has not been updated in quite some time, so perhaps the developer has abandoned it.

Not updated since 2013

When you open this app a notice appears that it may slow your iPad because it has not been updated.

Europe and Celsius???


Could be better

Not world class, its weather for the USA and you cant even change from Fahrenheit to Celsius. I havent seen any advertised high-res radar images yet either. Ill have to wait for major improvements for Canada coverage, which would benefit Americans to see a cold front drop on their nation from the north.

Weather review

Top Notch. You cant do better with another program.

Was great, what happened?

Was the greatest weather app ever...for some time now the point data was "storm cells" is never functioning when you really need it....bummed!

getting better every time

NOAA is so much more accurate than the weather channel and no creepy ads either. Great App!!

Great App

Love this app


Becoming my primary wx source. Gives more detail weather info. Great!!

whats up?

app seams to always have a problem either not starting or a function doesnt work, example radar selection at this time. It appears to be a quite functional app if everything is working.


Best weather app Ive ever used!

I like it!

Good ap! Gives me all I need to know in an easy to use format!

Best weather app

Of all the apps Ive tried this one is the best

Great weather!

Radar is so valuable. I use it all over the Great Lakes!


Much more accurate than the others out there. Not quite as easy to navigate, but this is the one I trust and use the most.

Quickly Became Our Favorite Weather App

My wife and I have both tried several weather apps, in addition to the default up on Apples iPhones. This one quickly became our favorite. The graphics are great and the range of data available, with great visual presentations, exceeds everything except an expensive aviation weather app that costs $80 per year. Many thanks, developers!

FedEx driver

This app works great for me, I check it regularly and Im happy it works

Great App!

This is my favorite Weather App. I use the application daily and rely on it all the time. I dont think you can go wrong with this application.

Outstanding App

I use this app daily to help plan my activities and to check on weather where friends an relatives live. The most accurate I have seen and I really like the radar feature.

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